Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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Xbox 360 Recall?

N'Gai Croal, gaming journalist for Newsweek, makes an awful good case that Microsoft should pony up and recall Xbox 360s currently in the field.

Microsoft has taken steps to address hardware failures that seem to be happening at a rate higher than 3 to 5% of the customer base, extending the warranty of any Xbox 360 to three years from date of purchase and refunding monies paid for repairs of machines serviced.

I have had my Xbox 360 since launch. I won it in the "Every 10 Minutes" promotion sponsored by PepsiCo. I haven't had any issues with my machine, but I don't put a lot of hours into gaming on the box either.

What do you think would be appropriate for Microsoft? Go with their current plan or initiate an all out recall?

Marathon on XBox Live!

I stayed up way past my bedtime to peek at Microsoft's E3 press conference. Just wanted to post this tidbit before bed.

In between all the marketing speak I learned that game I loved on the Mac will be coming to Xbox Live.

Marathon was a first person shooter on the Macintosh. While game developers shunned the Mac in the 1990s, a startup called Bungie Software created several games for the computer.

In many ways Marathon was a precursor to Halo, the killer app for Microsoft's console. In fact, quite a few features to be released in Halo 3 have their origins in Marathon. Saving game recordings, for example, was great in Marathon but in Halo 3 it looks phenomenal.

I had better start saving up Microsoft Points!