Friday, August 31, 2007

An Uphill Battle: Chris Ferriera On Army Of Two's Gameplay and Philosophy

An excellent interview with lead designer Chris Ferriera about the themes and gameplay of EA's original IP, Army of Two.

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Special super-sized deluxe limited edition

I went to Gamestop the other day to pick up a copy of All Pro Football 2k8 and figured I'd browse and see what else was there before making that purchase.

On the shelf of Xbox games I found a Limited Edition copy of Getting Up:Contents Under Pressure for $20. It's a game I already own, but I made the snap decision to pick this up anyway.

I am a sucker for special features and limited editions. If a DVD has only the movie on it, I'm not interested. I'll wait and pay for the 4 disc special edition with a gazillion hours of extras. If a super duper special edition comes out. I will get rid of my special edition and pick up the super duper one. If a game is coming out in a limited edition, I'm going to grab that instead of the game only release.

Since games are much more expensive than DVDs, I don't have very many special editions of games. I have the special editions of Splinter Cell, Doom 3 and Jade Empire, but I am skipping the Halo 3 and Bioshock special editions. I won't have the money.

So do you have a weakness for special editions? Or could you care less?