Friday, November 6, 2009

Why Adam Sessler is the man.

The first time I saw Adam Sessler was on X-play years ago with Morgan Webb. I was immediately annoyed at his sense of humor and overall goofiness. I became more of a fan of the show as time went on but still saw Adam as a little silly even though I saw that he could be interesting if he could focus on games and gaming and less on the comedy.

Then I discovered Sessler's soapbox on Itunes. Now Adam Sessler is my hero.

I am not sure when or how the episodes started but I am so glad I found them. Adam provides his personal take on games, gamers and gaming and often puts them in perspective of the world at large. Some of the topics he has covered include game reviews, his personal experiences as games journalist and op-ed pieces on current gaming events. For those of you who were fans of Level Up, a great gaming blog from Ngai Croal, Sessler's Soapbox fills the void quite nicely.

Now when Adam tries to be funny I give him some slack because I probably just don't get his sense of humor. Or maybe it just isn't funny. But I am very grateful for his voice and passion for the industry. And I hope that he continues to provide that for us for some time to come.

Thanks Adam!