Tuesday, January 2, 2007

About Me

Thanks for stopping by.

I started this site as a way of talking about the videogames I like to play. There are many many many other sites for reading reviews of games. What I hope makes mine stand out is that:
  1. These are games that I own and enjoy. Meaning that if I am taking the time to write about it, it is worth playing.
  2. These are games that are off the beaten path. Meaning that they aren't popular, or weren't popular in their initial release. For example, I don't expect to write about Gears of War because everyone and their grandmother has written about it. I am planning to write about Ico, a game that was very popular with people who make games but not gamers in general.

I won't commit to a schedule, mainly because my schedule offline is tied up with work and getting ready for triplets to enter my household. :) But I promise to keep writing things that will make it worth the wait.

See you soon!

Update: Yes, it's been a while. The triplets are home and healthy. Mom and Dad are appropriately sleep deprived. I am finding time to blog and play games.