Thursday, November 8, 2007

Which Would You Rather Lose, a $60 Videogame Or a Save File?

Clicking the read more link will take you to an interesting editorial on the idea of backing up game save data and the value of said data when compared to the price paid for a videogame.

My take: This seems like a non-issue to me. I don't value game saves as much value as wedding pictures, pictures of my kids and digital video of family get togethers. When my original Xbox hard drive died I was infinitely more upset that I couldn't just replace the drive than I was that I lost my 85% complete NFL2k5 VIP save. If my 360 hard drive fails, I'll get upset for a minute and then go out and get a new drive. The idea of having my game saves stored on a server would be sweet; I wouldn't have the clutter of drives and memory cards. However I wouldn't pay for that privilege. If I had 8GB of game save data, then charging me would make sense. Most game saves I think are less than 1MB, smaller than the videos on YouTube. For something that small, the service should be free.

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