Monday, November 22, 2010

Required Reading - Gamer and Geek Blogs

Girl Gone Geek -  Ms Chic Geek blogs about all things geek, but what I think is really cool are the art related posts. Granted the subject matter is still geek-flavored, like custom painted game consoles, but the posts go beyond the normal geek stuff. Follow her on Twitter here

Radioactive Nerd  - I discovered these guys at the Gamers Gone Wild event at PAX East in the spring and I have been pimping their podcasts since. They have recently added a video podcast called video rewind where they post a video version of the week's audio podcast. You can follow the show on Twitter here

The Major's Conquests - Major Linux is more active on Twitter, but his blog has some great stuff on it as well. Check out The Major's Conquests: Killzone 3 3D Impressions

Hip Hop Gamer - Don't let the championship belt fool you. He is one of the most down to earth and passionate gamers out there today. Check out this interview with Michael Pachter for Game Trailers. Follow his Twitter here.

Gaming with SFX Kona - Kona streams first person gaming goodness and gives out prizes to viewers of his stream. If you're lucky you can send him an invite and get in on the game he's playing. Catch him on Twitter here.

Game Like a Girl - Stephanie and Renee provide an interesting take on all things gaming providing reviews on many of the latest and greatest games.I had been following them on Twitter for a while now but what really got me was this post from their blog: Game Like a Girl: How to Become a Gamer in Ten Easy Steps:

If you know of any cool blogs, send me the links or twitter and I'll check them out!