Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why I am still playing NBA 2k10 and why you should pick up NBA 2k11

I got the special edition of NBA 2k10 for Christmas last year, but I didn't jump into it until the beginning of the NBA finals. What I really enjoy about the game is the My Player mode. You can customize a player and take him through a NBA career. I had already invested in the NBA 2k10 Draft Combine so my player was all set. As a rookie the game is maddening. You have to work really hard to earn points to build up your player. But once your player starts improving, it gets addicting. You want to hit all the milestones. This game made me want to play real basketball again!

You should pick up the latest edition of the game not because it is the only NBA title on game consoles this year thanks to the incredible crash and burn of EA's NBA Elite 11 but because of the great gameplay in My Player Mode and the new Jordan moments mode where you can be like Mike(tm). As for me, I am going to stick with NBA 2k10 until my player completes all the milestones. Then in the spring, I'll move on to 2k11.

But you shouldn't wait! Pick it up at Amazon: NBA 2k11 by 2k Sports